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Sarge is an extraordinary entertainer. A triple threat. A musical piano savant, amazing improvisational comedian and singer.

Now, an author,  with the imminent release of “I’m Still Standing Up”,  which traces his hilarious, inspirational life of twists and turns, ups and downs which will leave you exhilarated and entertained.

Sarge is a highly sought after motivational speaker and for the last 7 years has been working in treatment centers and recovery residences bringing a revolutionary and groundbreaking modality of “Comedy Therapy” to people suffering from addiction with incredible results.  His first comedy recovery film “Sarge Behind Bars” shot entirely on location of the Casper Wyoming Reentry Prison, has been selected for award consideration at the upcoming “REEL Recovery Film Festival” in New York and Los Angeles slated for October of this year.

SARGE is an entertainer who has performed worldwide to adoring audiences. His sidesplitting comedy, touching vocals and stunning display of dexterity as a pianist have wowed crowds for decades.

But SARGE’s road to success has not been smoothly paved.

He was born in Miami Beach, Florida during the Civil Rights Movement to a Jewish mother and black father, but given up for adoption soon after birth. Fortunately, he was quickly adopted by a couple who then raised him in Great Neck, Long Island. SARGE was brought up by his parents in a middle to upper middle class environment, attending the best prep schools in the region. All the while, he lived with some sense of confusion because his adopted parents raised him in a Jewish household without much exposure to his black heritage.

This led to some internal conflict as a child and young adult – feelings he tried to numb with alcohol, drugs and gambling.

He spent part of his young adult life as a homeless man, severely addicted to several vices, and copping drugs at his hangout under the Manhattan Bridge in New York City. With a wealth of talent unrealized, on December 26, 1990, he had an epiphany that would change his life forever. As strange as it may sound, on that day he made a decision to commit himself to sobriety – cold turkey – and never looked back.

SARGE has been clean and sober since then, and he has dedicated himself to assisting others who are facing the same battle.

His artistic talents surfaced on his 6th birthday after his parents took him to see “The Sound of Music” on Broadway. When they returned home from the show, and without any prompting, SARGE sat down at the family piano and began to play songs from the show entirely “by ear”. He did this without ever having touched a piano before, and it was at this point that his parents knew they had something special on their hands.

At the fresh age of seven, SARGE would entertain in between hands of his grandpa Herman’s card games by doing impressions and jokes on cue. It was also at this time that his grandfather took him to shows in the Catskill Mountains, which was the live entertainment capital of New York State at the time.

One night while Don Rickles was killing the crowd, SARGE watched the audience’s reaction to the comedian’s barbs and scathing monologue. At that moment, he set his sights on becoming a professional comedian one day. Ironically, today he is often compared to Rickles largely due to his rapid fire, off the cuff style of hilarious observational comedy. As has been proven hundreds of times, SARGE has the rare ability to create an uproarious and moving 90-minute comedic performance on the spot by just walking into a room.

SARGE graduated from the all-boys South Kent School in the spring of 1979 where he received an award for his musical talents while also lettering in football. He then attended Boston University’s School of Public Communication where he graduated with a concentration in Advertising and Mass Communication.

After a short stint as a talent representative, the stage was calling and SARGE enrolled at The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. From this point forward, he would no longer represent talent – rather, he would “be” the talent. To make ends meet, SARGE wrote, produced and performed for FOX’s wildly successful “Best Damn Sports Show Period”, as a nationally syndicated radio host for FOX Sports Radio, and worked extensively for ABC Wide World of Sports and CBS Sports.

But sometimes when one is at a crossroads, there has to be an “all-in” proposition. So when “The NFL Today” host Greg Gumbel encouraged him to “be a comedian, you’re too funny, too creative and too bright not to go for a comedy career”, SARGE moved to his best buddy’s pull out sofa in New York to embark on a career in stand-up comedy.

After playing clubs and colleges all over America for three years, SARGE found himself opening for some of the biggest names in music – Natalie Cole, Aretha Franklin, Paul Anka, The Beach Boys, The Four Tops, Taylor Dayne, Donna Summer and Wayne Newton, just to name a few. These high profile gigs enabled SARGE’s act to evolve from a comedy appearance to an entertainment performance because he learned to weave his own musical talents into his shows.

SARGE has worked on some of the biggest stages in show business. From Radio City Music Hall to Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game to entertaining our nation’s troops in Iraq, SARGE’s ability to improvise and tailor his show to specific audiences is uncanny.

He is one of the highest energy, multi-talented acts in show business today. Not only a hysterical stand-up comedian, SARGE sings in his own voice and in a dozen others including Harry Connick Jr., Sammy Davis Jr., Lionel Richie and Stevie Wonder. Additionally, his dead on impressions of Marv Albert, Mike Tyson, Kermit the Frog and Gilbert Gottfried leave audiences howling and clamoring for more.

On a recent road trip, SARGE performed three different one-hour shows for three nights in a row in front of the same audience at a corporate conference. The crowd was amazed because his material was new for each show.

Triple threats who don’t dance are hard to find in show business today. With his mix of comedy, singing and piano playing, SARGE is a legitimate triple threat and a rare find.

Come join us for this special show, where we get to celebrate Sarge’s Birthday at the Box!

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When I eat a carrot, how come I don’t want 52 carrots but when I eat carrot cake I want the whole cake. Is it the fact that carrots don’t come with cream cheese icing, AND carrots aren’t cake.  Lays potato chips used to have a TV commercial challenging the couch potato, (a human who got that name from LAYING there, eating the whole bag of LAYS potato chips) “Bet you can’t eat just one?” My thing as it turns out is FROSTING… That applies to Ho-Ho’s, Devil Dogs, Hostess Cherry Fruit pies, Twinkies, Funny Bones, Yodels, Suzy-Q’s, and Boston Crème Dunkin Donuts…

Is the answer as simple as I’m an addict”, or can I be more specific. I have a toxic appetite.  I used to get stoned and eat an entire can of Pillsbury Frosting Supreme with my finger, cause in college we didn’t have spoons. At least I didn’t, but spoons and their misuse and the bending of them is for another installment.  Michael Jackson had a friend that could bend spoons with his mind, Uri Geller I believe.   What a using buddy he must have been?  I think that eating a can of Pillsbury Frosting with your index finger qualifies me to write this article.  To say I ended up homeless, cause I did, as a direct result of my desire for frosting would be quite a leap, but a pattern seems to be developing…Whether there’s frosting in something, on something or just frosting all by itself I love frosting…Did it start with Frosted Flakes, or the frosting on Froot Loops, (I think it’s corporately irresponsible to spell fruit FROOT, but I guess it has something to do with the fact that there’s nothing even close to fruit in FROOT LOOPS) OMG, Frosted Pop Tarts…especially the brown sugar cinnamon ones…The box is the perfect size for a frosting binge, the edges of Pop Tarts notwithstanding…I would always trim the edges because it made the Pop Tart binge too cakey, if you know what I’m talking about…There’s a Russian bakery at the Public Market in Seattle on the waterfront, PiroshkyPiroshky…one Piroshky would have been enough, No ? Kinda like forever and ever…isn’t Forever long enough?  Piroshky’s makes Oscar’s Star…a buttery dough topped with Nutella, sweet cream cheese sprinkled with Hazelnuts…there should be an ambulance and a coroner and a funeral director standing by because this is the FROSTING SUPER BOWL…I’m ashamed to admit that I’d get four of these, telling myself while I bought them that they were too good to keep myself and that when I got back to my friends I’d share them and in the cab ride back to the hotel, two would ultimately perish into my pie hole or more appropriately “frosting hole” and then cherish the other two, resolving that I’d give the remaining two away.  But, things with frosting the likes of this have a voice and the voice says “EAT ME”…Then I realized that they have no voice or say in the matter at all and the voice is within myself, because what are the chances that these Oscar Stars would have a voice and it would sound just like mine…

Oh, and what would a frosting piece be without delving into the world of CINNABON…those throw pillows of carbohydrate fantasticness which wouldn’t be the same unless they were iced with frosting, or frosted with icing…I can’t figure out which, but what makes them so totally irresistible is the icing/frosting….they’d have to easily be 8 million calories WITHOUT the frosting…but NO, they’re slathered in white heaven…

I’m proud to say that these frosted things are no longer in my diet…Because I lack the ability to limit myself to just one…I lack the ability to limit myself to one of a lot of things and there are things I’ve resolved to not allow myself even one of…and based on this publication we KNOW what those things are….BUT I must STOP doing the things I cannot STOP doing…and I cannot stop if there’s frosting…No drinking, no drugs, no gambling, and now NO FROSTING ?

For the sake of clarity, not one pill, not one hit, not one sip, not today, hopefully not ever…but in the absence of all those NOT ONES, I know I needed to add anything with frosting….it’s only September but now that ANYTHING WITH FROSTING is no longer part of the consumption conversation, how long will it be before I start to dread the holidays and Burl Ives and his portrayal of the frostiest of all frosty things, “Frosty the Snowman”…I’ll just think of his carrot nose…and I guess I’ll be able to survive…Next month, we’ll talk about EGG NOG…this is for people who want to get drunk and also want pancakes. Did someone say pancakes?