Sarge creates laughter at Jewish National Fund’s “Platinum Jubilee”

Sarge creates laughter at Jewish National Fund’s “Platinum Jubilee”

posted on: March 12, 2018 at 11:03 am


Bam! Sarge took the stage. To say that the audience was shrieking in laughter is an understatement.

He told me earlier that he is not a comedian, but a storyteller à la Alan King and Myron Cohen. He said, “My life experiences … you can’t make it up.”

One scenario after the other touched our funny bones with relatable topics, such as senior citizens in Florida driving through building lobbies, the tribulations of serving Jewish patrons as a waiter and shoe salesman, the diminished role of Jewish husbands, and the purchase of Dead Sea mud to bring home to his wife.

Only Sarge, a man reared by Long Island Jews after his adoption from an Orthodox Jewish mother and black father, could cross such cultural and politically incorrect lines. “The Jewish part of me doesn’t work on Shabbos. The black part of me doesn’t want to work the other six days.”

A child prodigy and Juilliard student, he ended with a rousing piano medley.

“I thought Sarge was an entertaining balance to the first part of the program, which was inspirational and celebratory of JNF’s partnership with Israel,” said fan A.J. Robinson, the president of Central Atlanta Progress. “Sarge reminded me of my childhood watching Don Rickles with my father and witnessing him laugh till he literally cried. … I was equally impressed with his piano skills. The musical piece combining ‘Hatikvah,’ our national anthem, and many well-known Jewish-inspired songs was brilliantly compiled and performed and a very nice way to end the program.”

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