Still Standing Up (via J Life)

Still Standing Up (via J Life)

posted on: January 16, 2017 at 1:59 pm


Sarge is an entertainer, comedian, motivational speaker and probably the one guy you’d really want to be with in a foxhole. He’s a busy guy, but Jlife was able to pin him down for a rare glimpse into his extraordinary life.

Jlife: You just got back from Israel, right? How was your trip? S: It was good. I was all over the country on a comedy tour. I was there for 11 days.

Was that a part of your “Comedy Therapy?”  My comedy therapy is an outgrowth of my 25 years of being sober. It’s a unique unintended consequence of my life really. It kind of just happened as a direct outgrowth of how active I am in the recovery world.  It’s weird because to me it’s such an obvious thing that laughter is the best medicine. You need to laugh and you need to not take yourself so seriously, but it’s never been a primary component of helping people get well.

And times have changed. The average age of the patients is younger and the substances that they are trying to get off of even more difficult to kick. You’re dealing with a whole new generation of people—we’re talking about late teens and early 20s—so there’s sort of the confluence of immediate gratification of technology. Phones, internet, gaming and social media have converged to forge this generation of people who may already be socially inept even without addiction. They are so geared towards communicating with their thumbs as opposed to their hearts. So now you have people that are addicted to these massively addictive poisons—narcotics and opioids—and then the centers take their phones away and try to talk them out of addiction with talk therapy or other modalities. To varying degree they’re useful, but the only thing that really works is in my opinion is spirituality. It has helped me resurrect my life from what it was to what it is. There is a lot of validity to meditation, affirmation and prayer (M.A.P. I call it). It’s like the map back to who you really are.

It’s kind of interesting that the same spiritual components that I used to eradicate stage fright and fear in the artistic and creative process are very much what you need in life. It’s almost like a mirror image of what I needed to do in order to elevate my life from homeless and addicted to a bold courageous performer.

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